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Product Image CrystalKiwi Scheduler for Crystal Reports

CrystalKiwi Scheduler for Crystal Reports

$ 799

Automatically update and deliver your Crystal Reports on a set schedule.  For example, set CrystalKiwi Scheduler to run a Crystal Report (.rpt file) every morning and email a PDF with current information.

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Key Features

  • Automatically processes Crystal Reports on a schedule you select, updating the report data from your database.
  • After being updated, reports can be emailed, printed, or saved to disk.
  • Updated reports can be emailed or saved in a variety of formats including
    • Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xslx)
    • Microsoft Word (.doc)
    • Adobe Acrobat / PDF
    • Character Separated Values / CSV
    • Rich Text Format / RTF
    • XML
  • Can use Crystal Reports parameter values to select or filter data.
  • Advanced scheduling options include Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Business Minute, Business Hour, Business Day, Day of Week and Day of Month, Business Day of Month.

  • CrystalKiwi Scheduler can operate as a Windows Service, running reports in the background without the need for a user to be logged in to Windows. When running as a Service, the scheduler can be set to start automatically so that reports will process on schedule with no user interaction even after the computer is rebooted. Running the scheduler as a service provides a robust, reliable solution. It is ideal for use on servers that may be located in a server room where users log in using Remote Desktop to administer the report schedule and then log out.

  • CrystalKiwi Scheduler can operate as a normal Windows application, running interactively on the desktop under the current Windows user account. For less critical requirements, running the scheduler as an application can simplify access to databases, the disk file system and network resources. It will also be more intuitive and familiar to users unaccustomed to working with Windows Services.

  • Built-in SMTP to send email, eliminating the need for Outlook or other email client software to send the updated reports.

  • Compatible with the new .rptr Crystal Report read-only file format to protect report designs.

  • Fully compatible with Crystal Reports .rpt files created using  
    • SAP Crystal Reports 2016
    • SAP Crystal Reports 2013
    • SAP Crystal Reports 2011
    • SAP Crystal Reports 2008
    • Crystal Reports XI R2
    • Crystal Reports 10
    • Crystal Reports 9
    • Crystal Reports 8.5
    • Crystal Reports 8.0
    • Crystal Reports 7
  • Fully compatible with all current Windows versions, including
    • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

    • Windows 2016, Windows 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008, and Windows 2003 Servers — including Terminal Server / Remote Desktop.

Electronic Delivery

Crystal Reports license and download details will be sent by email, usually within 4 business hours (US Central Time / GMT -6:00).
Occasionally, electronic delivery may take longer than 4 business hours.

Downloads may be used to create a DVD or saved to a USB drive or network for installation on a different PC.